Amelia Is A Verb


Picture of AmeliaAmelia Hogan sings traditional Irish, Scottish, British American, and Contemporary folk music with lilting graces and a subtle power. You’ll be transported into another time and place where the bansidhe cries and lovers embrace.  Haunting melodies, stirring passion, and evocative storytelling is what you’ll find. Slàinte!


Amelia began singing before she could walk. Her first performances started at the age of 10 and she sings in the Irish music tradition of Sean-Nos, or Old Style. These songs are typically arhythmic and unaccompanied and were meant to be sung by the fire to a very intimate audience.


Picture of AmeliaAmelia has worked on two projects with Sheltering Sky; Keeping Watch Upon the Stars, and Long Nights Journey. Her third album Transplants: From the Old World to the New, a solo directed but collaborative effort working with guitar and vocal talent Ray Frank at El Mundo Bueno Studios, released March 2013, and Falling You’s album Blush, Oct 2013. She’s sung with Molly’s Revenge, Liz Carroll, Ray Frank, Steve Baughman, Julie Henigan, Niamh Parsons, Cullan’s Hounds, Sheltering Sky, and Shay Black and graced stages from Oregon to New York, Ireland to San Francisco and back again.